Small Steps to Big Goals: Unpacking Carbon Footprinting for Financial Institutions

About this training

The journey towards a low-carbon future in Asia has been accelerated by a growth in national ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality and net zero emissions. China, Japan, and South Korea, which account for about two-thirds of total Asian emissions, have committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 or 2060.

In a region where governments play a critical role in setting the bar for climate action, such policy signals from governments will create strong impetus for greater climate ambition from financial institutions (FIs), which are critical in financing the transition to a low-carbon future. For FIs to support this journey, a fundamental understanding of their own carbon footprint must be established before developing pathways and trajectories towards carbon neutrality targets. 

This training, co-organized by the Alliance and the Carbon Trust, explored the importance of establishing a robust and reliable baseline footprint and the different approaches to carbon footprint measurement. By equipping participants with a basic understanding of carbon footprinting, the training aimed to inspire further actions to set and achieve ambitious climate goals.