The Alliance maintains a growing library of resources on climate finance and sustainability risk management. Our Reports & Fact publication library provides cross-cutting knowledge, tools, and business information to empower financial institutions to develop green finance roadmaps. 


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  • Aggregate Trends of Climate Finance Provided and Mobilised by Developed Countries in 2013-2020

    July 29 2022

    This report is the OECD’s fifth annual assessment of progress towards the UNFCCC goal. As a continuous progress analysis of global climate finance developments, this report presents the evolution of total annual levels of climate finance provided and mobilised by developed countries for developing countries over 2013-2020. For 2016-2020, it includes an overview by climate theme, sector, financial instrument and regions.

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  • Climate Risk - Definitions, Measurement, Current Practices and Regulatory Oversight (June 2022)

    June 07 2022

    This Alliance's thought leadership paper provides a primer on climate risk and its broad reverberations in the financial services industry. It offers a curated overview of the effects of climate risk on financial institutions and financial markets, discusses new techniques developed to measure climate risk, and explores the evolving practices of financial institutions in tackling it, as well as the related regulatory initiatives.

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  • Green Bond Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Issuing a Green Bond

    March 30 2022

    This Handbook aims to provide practical and straightforward guidance for financial institutions in emerging markets to prepare and execute a successful green bond issue. The Handbook has been compiled by market practitioners with deep practical experience of working with issuers and investors and will be updated periodically to reflect innovation in practice in the Green Bond market.

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  • Guidelines for Blue Finance

    January 28 2022

    This document identifies eligible blue project categories to guide IFC’s investments to support the blue economy, in line with the Green Bond Principles and Green Loan Principles. The market has been seeking guidance on project eligibility criteria, translating general Blue Economy Financing Principles, such as the Sustainable Blue Economy Principles and the Sustainable Ocean Principles, towards guidelines for blue bond issuances and blue lending.

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  • Accelerating Sustainable Finance Together

    November 02 2021

    This report captures a significant increase in collective efforts between regulators and industry across all parts of the financial sector, and at regional and global level, to advance sustainable finance. This has emerged as an essential strategy to harmonize definitions, disclosure requirements, and good practice expectations for managing sustainability risks and opportunities in all financial sector activities.

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  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete: A Green Reboot for Emerging Markets

    January 14 2021

    Supporting low-carbon investments through COVID-19 recovery funds into 10 sectors across 21 emerging markets has the potential to generate $10.2 trillion in investment opportunities, 213 million cumulative jobs and 4 billion tons CO2e reduction. The report analyzes the economic and climate benefits of a green post-COVID recovery, focusing on decarbonizing existing and future energy infrastructure, building climate-smart cities and helping speed the transition of key industries to green production practices.

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