Powering the Future: Innovations in Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is a key component in the race towards achieving net zero emissions. To meet the growing energy demands and achieve the climate objectives set forth in the Paris Agreement, annual clean energy investments in emerging and developing economies need to increase to US$2.8 trillion by the early 2030s.

At this roundtable, our speakers shared insights into the emerging investment and financing trends in decarbonization. By pooling resources and expertise, we can accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy technologies, while also addressing the financial and regulatory barriers. Another key theme that emerged from the conversation was the role of artificial intelligence in driving energy efficiency. This is the second session of a two-part series on energy efficiency co-organized by the Alliance and Citi. The first session that took place in February explored the history of energy efficiency, financing hurdles that are keeping this critical resource from being fully realized, and existing structures in place.