Driving Innovations in Green Bond Market Development: Digital Green Bond Issuance

The green bond market in Asia has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, driven by the increasing awareness among investors and issuers about the significance of sustainable financing in addressing climate change and fostering environmental sustainability. In 2020, the Asia-Pacific region contributed around 12% to the global green bond issuance, highlighting its growing importance in this arena.

Tokenization has emerged as an innovative approach in the financial industry, offering new possibilities for the issuance and trading of securities. It has the potential to revolutionize the way green bonds are issued, traded, and settled, offering enhanced transparency, liquidity, and accessibility to investors.

The webinar "Driving Innovations in Green Bond Market Development: Digital Green Bond Issuance" provides valuable insights into the current landscape of the green bond market in Asia, the opportunities it presents for investors and issuers, and the emerging trend of tokenization in the financial industry. Our expert speakers from HKMA, HSBC, and Goldman Sachs also explore the case study of the tokenized green bond issuances and discuss the regulatory landscape surrounding digital assets and green finance.

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Please find a recording of the webinar below: