CEO Talk - Building A Green Future

About this training

Counting for over 40% of the global carbon emission, the building sector has a critical role to play in reducing the environmental impact. During the discussion, speakers unveiled the strategies and initiatives of their companies in greening the real estate sector, as well as opportunities in green building and related financing in Hong Kong, China and Asia. 

“By adopting green practices and offering new and innovative climate-friendly products, banks can differentiate themselves and increase their market share, capitalizing on the potential of the green buildings sector – and other climate-smart industries – through sustainable financing,” said Paulo de Bolle, Global Senior Director, FIG at IFC. “Green building financing is a win-win proposition,” said Mr Edmond Lau, Deputy Chief Executive of the HKMA. “The panel discussion today has exhibited that greening the real estate sector could create values for developers, financiers and investors, while reducing the risks via improved resilience.”

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