Building Corporate Accountability: Empower Financial Institutions to Take Actions on Climate Change through Digital Solutions


Climate change represents a major challenge for the global community, with the CO2 emissions rebounding to record levels in 2021 and continuing the trend in 2022. As major contributors to economic and social development, private sector companies are agents of change in achieving green and low-carbon development targets.

At this webinar, co-organized with the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), international green finance leader and the Founding Director of IPE, Ma Jun, shared the latest developments in IPE’s Blue Map database, CITI index 2022, and CATI index 2022 and how to build up corporate accountability.

To motivate enterprises in Asia and beyond to implement greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction commitments for corporates and their supply chains, IPE has been conducting its Green Supply Chain CITI Index evaluation for the past nine years and Corporate Climate Action CATI Index evaluation. This year, the upgraded CATI index included indicators such as carbon intensity targets, carbon neutrality targets, carbon assets, and third-party verification. In 2022, to curb "greenwashing" and "climate-washing", IPE launched the "Global Business Accountability Map". The inaugural batch includes 1000 companies that have publicly committed to tackling climate change, reducing pollution, and protecting biodiversity.