Green portfolio


Helping financial institutions to green their loan and/or investment portfolios, with a goal to mainstream green finance and reduce financing to emission-intensive industries:

- Mainstream green finance and reduce financing to GHG-intensive industries

- Minimum percentage of corporate loan portfolio for climate-related projects.

Green New Business

Encouraging financial institutions focus on growing businesses by designing new products and services to serve the green market:

- Grow green business;

- Diversify green financial instruments.

strategic commitment

Work with financial institutions to put in place mid- to long-term green strategic planning and attach the importance of improving internal green finance capacity:

- Green strategic planning;

- Improve green finance capacity.

Carbon Neutral

Support financial institutions to decarbonize their operations and/or portfolio to achieve carbon neutrality or net zero:

- Achieve a state fo zero carbon dioxide emissions or;

- Achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Environmental, Social & Climate Risk Management

Help financial institutions to manage exposure to climate risk and adhere to international best practices on managing environmental and social risk and performance in lending and investment:

- Strengthen climate risk management;

- Establish envrionmental, social and governance (ESG) structure.