Urgent steps are required to transform the finance industry and its investments to become more adaptive, resilient, and sustainable. The Alliance offers customized assistance, specialized insights, and expert knowledge to aid commercial banks in their endeavors of steering their business and investments towards a low-carbon future. Through collaborations, Members can accelerate their journey towards sustainability and enhance their overall impact.



  • Actively implement the Alliance’s key pillars
  • Launch institution-level green policies, practices and standards on an ongoing basis
  • Participate in Alliance’s events as a moderator or speaker
  • Organize and/or host green finance session at the Alliance’s event
  • Contribute knowledge pieces on green finance practices to the Alliance annually
  • Co-author the annual Asia Green Finance Development Report with the Alliance
  • Mentor new Candidate(s)
  • Publicly report on green development progress annually


  • Join the leading community of green financial institutions and global partners to help shape the future of climate finance
  • Exchange best practices with the Alliance’s community to grow green finance businesses
  • Early access to thought leadership pieces, research, training programs, and international resources for green financial institution transformation
  • Early-stage involvement in drafting market-based guidance and standards with the Alliance
  • Demonstrate leadership through the Alliance’s Annual Forum, green finance seminars, working groups and regional study tours
  • Promote green and sustainability branding in global markets
  • Be a part of prestigious group of leaders helping to shape the green finance ecosystem


*Cornerstone Members are demonstrated leaders in green finance practices who have made concrete achievements towards the Alliance’s key pillars. They are by invitation only and have passed a rigorous selection process.


To discuss signing up, please contact alliance@ifc.org.

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Cornerstone Members, General Members, and Candidates are expected to agree to align with the following :

  • Apply IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards or other internationally recognized standards that are substantially equivalent to IFC’s Performance Standards;
  • Publicly disclose minimum information on high-risk projects*, such as name, year of financial close, sector, and host country**;
  • Work to measure their green finance baseline and set concrete targets to increase their green portfolio by 2030;
  • Reduce exposure to coal-related project finance; and
  • Establish a robust monitoring and reporting system for green business.
* Project finance to a borrower to support a business activity that may include a) involuntary resettlement, b) risk of adverse impacts on Indigenous Peoples, c) significant risks to or impacts on the environment, community health and safety, biodiversity, cultural heritage, or d) significant Occupational Health and Safety risks.
** The disclosure of name, year of financial close, sector and host country of high-risk projects is subject to a) obtaining client consent, b) applicable local laws and regulations, and c) no additional potential liability for the financial institution as a result of reporting in certain identified jurisdictions.
IFC’s paid advisory service includes a comprehensive diagnostic report and a green development roadmap. The service will be provided by IFC (a bilateral relationship between IFC and the candidate) and HKMA will not be involved. Candidates can also choose to hire an external consultant to guide their green transformation.